Wisconsin Teen Teaching Classical Indian Dance, The Secret Life Of Secondhand Goods, Wisconsin Republican Primary Ballot

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We talk to a teen who uses classical Indian dance lessons to help other people manage stress. We also hear what goes into making secondhand stores run. And we look at a move yesterday by state Republicans to block President Trump’s primary challengers from the April presidential primary ballot.

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  • Who Will Be On Wisconsin's April Presidential Primary Ballot?

    On April 7, Wisconsin voters will head to the polls for the state’s partisan presidential primary, and the Republican ballot may end up without a lot of choices. We talk about a move Tuesday to block President Trump’s primary challengers from the ballot.

  • Wisconsin Teen Uses Classical Indian Dance To Help Others Manage Stress

    Besides performing Bharatanatyam classical Indian dance around the world, a Wisconsin teen also teaches it to adults and young people as a form of stress relief.

  • The 'Secondhand' Story Of Your Unwanted, Donated Goods

    The average thrift store only sells about one third of the goods that end up on their shelves, and that doesn’t include the many things we donate that never get to the shelf. We talk with the author of a new book who spent years wondering and researching where our donated things go once they leave our hands, from leftover rummage sale items, to the unwanted possessions of a loved one passed away.

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