Wisconsin News Roundup, Democrats Look To ‘Adopt A District,’ The Impact Of Inequality

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In congressional districts where Republican lawmakers are not holding town halls, some Democrats are having meetings of their own. Democratic Representative Mark Pocan talks with us about the trend, and why he’s holding a town hall in House Speaker Paul Ryan’s district. We also discuss the many effects that inequality has on our lives, from our health to our views on moral issues like justice and fairness. Plus, the top state news stories of the week get another look, including Republican Representative Mike Gallagher’s response to the firing of FBI Director James Comey.

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  • State News Roundup For May 12, 2017

    In national news this week, President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey abruptply Tuesday evening. A state news editor joins us to talk about the outspoken response of Republican Congressional Representative Mike Gallagher from Green Bay. We also look at other top Wisconsin news from the past week.

  • Democratic Representative Holding Town Hall Meetings In Republican Districts

    Representative Mark Pocan (D-2) joins us to talk about why he held a town hall meeting with House Speaker Paul Ryan’s constituents.

  • The Wide-Ranging Impact of Inequality

    According to our guest, inequality has a profound effect on our lives, from our health and wellness to the way we view moral ideas, like justice and fairness. We talk with the author of “The Broken Ladder.”

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