Wisconsin Highways, Chicago’s Coffee Convention, First Amendment Defense Act, Iowans Liking Walker

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State spending for new highway projects like Milwaukee’s Zoo Interchange far outpaces money spent on road maintenance, even though 71 percent of Wisconsin’s roads are in mediocre or poor condition. Our guest explores the current state of transportation funding in Wisconsin. We also get the scoop on Chicago’s upcoming coffee festival, and learn what the First Amendment Defense Act would do and why Governor Walker supports it. Finally, we get a report on the governor’s early success campaigning in Iowa.

Featured in this Show

  • Investigation Into Wisconsin's Transportation Funding

    A POLITICO reporter takes a look at the way roads are funded in Wisconsin as a way to illustrate national transportation funding issues.

  • CoffeeCon Festival Heads To Chicago

    Some of the world’s top coffee experts join coffee roasters and product designers for a specialty coffee festival.

  • Walker Supports A Bill Commentators Say Allows Employers To Fire Gays, Unmarried Parents

    Governor Walker, along with three other Republican presidential candidates, has said that he supports the First Amendment Defense Act. Supporters of the bill say that it protects people’s religious beliefs about marriage. Opponents say it would result in discrimination against gays and people who have sex outside of marriage.

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