Wisconsin drag history, US interests in Latin America, Divided America

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Venezuelan migrant Veronica Hernandez, 20, eight months pregnant, holding a sign with a handwritten message asking for food or money, puts out her hand to receive alms from a driver, in Bogota, Colombia, Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2021. Colombia said Monday it will register hundreds of thousands of Venezuelan migrants and refugees currently in the country without papers, in a bid to provide them with legal residence permits and facilitate their access to health care and legal employment opportunities. Fernando Vergara/AP Photo

An LGBT historian shares the history of drag in Wisconsin. Then, we check in on progressive political developments in Latin American countries. Later, a public policy professor compares the division in modern America to the days of the country before the constitution.

Featured in this Show

  • The history of drag in Wisconsin

    The history of drag in Wisconsin dates back to at least the 1880s. An author walks us through the people and stories who revolutionized drag in the state.

  • The US and its influence in Latin America, as leftists win elections there

    Our guest argues Ukraine and Russia have diverted American attention away from Latin America, and that more attention needs to be paid to the progressive political developments taking place in countries like Colombia.

  • America is divided, but this is far from the first time

    It’s hard to find consensus among U.S. states. A public policy professor compares modern day division to the way the country was run before the constitution, during the Articles of Confederation.

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