Wisconsin clean energy projects, Spring winds, Second COVID-19 boosters

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An array of solar panels in Fitchburg, Wisconsin
Madison Gas and Electric’s O’Brien Solar Fields in Fitchburg is 140 acres and includes more than 60,000 panels capable of generating approximately 20 megawatts of renewable electricity. The project is a collaborative partnership with the UW-Madison and a range of businesses and agencies. Jeff Miller/ UW-Madison

An engineering professor helps us learn more about clean energy projects in Wisconsin. Then, a meteorologist explains why Wisconsin has been more windy this year. Later, we talk to an epidemiology professor about when people should get their second COVID-19 vaccine booster shot.

Featured in this Show

  • Assessing Wisconsin's clean energy projects — and what changes the grid needs to accommodate them

    We round up several major clean energy projects moving forward in Wisconsin, and look at how our grid is situated to handle the electricity.

  • Is it time to get your second booster, or can you wait?

    Only about 11 percent of those 50 and over have gotten a second COVID-19 booster shot, though the FDA approved them for immunocompromised people and older people in March. An expert explains why more people haven’t gotten the second booster and explains how to know when it’s time to get yours.

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