Wisconsin Athlete Headed To Paralympics, Veterans And The US Presidents, Businesses Cutting Ties With NRA

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Sun Prairie native Mia Zutter will compete in cross-country skiing and biathlon as part of the Paralympic Winter Games that begin Thursday, March 8th. We talk with Zutter and her doctor about the experience. We also hear from the author of a book about veterans who run for president and take a look at the impact of many businesses cutting their ties with the NRA.

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  • Sun Prairie Native Competes In Paralympic Winter Games

    In our continuing coverage of Wisconsin Olympians, WPR’s Maureen McCollum recently spoke with Mia Zutter, a native of Sun Prairie who is competing at the games in cross-country skiing and biathlon. McCollum also spoke with Mia’s doctor, David Gamm about Stargardt disease, a degenerative eye condition Zutter was diagnosed with in 2011.

    Zutter talks about skiing with her visual condition, how she made the transition from running to cross-country skiing, and her expectations at this year’s Winter Paralympics.

  • Veterans And The US Presidency

    From George Washington to John McCain, many American presidential candidates have a significant background in the military. A historian looks at the role of veterans in presidential races–and whether a military background translates into a winning campaign.

  • Increasing Pressures On Nonpartisan Companies To Make Political Stance

    More and more companies take steps that blur the line between business and activist. This week Dick’s Sporting Goods released a statement saying they will no longer sell assault-style rifles or sell firearms to anyone under 21 years of age, among other things. More than 20 companies have publicly announced ending special deals and discounts to NRA members. We round up the details and make sense of what this could mean in the bigger picture with our guest.

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