Where Are All The Flying Cars?, Wisconsin Teacher Of The Year, More Questions About Privacy With Facebook

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Sure, we’ve got notebook-thin laptops and phones in watch form, but what about the flying cars? A time machine? A jet pack? We talk about the inventions imagined in sci-fi of years past and why we’re not seeing them in our modern world. We also talk to Wisconsin’s teacher of the year and take a look at a report that says Facebook has been sharing user data with device makers like Apple and Samsung.

Featured in this Show

  • What Happened To The Technology Of The Future?

    Shows like “The Jetsons” or “Star Trek” promised a future full of fantastic technology, ranging from cars that could fly to traveling in space at warp speed. These shows and others were created during the height of the space race when the collective imagination knew no bounds. But the technological vision of the future didn’t really pan out the way people predicted. We speak with Bill Andrews of Discover Magazine about why we don’t have jetpacks and what the past got right about the future of technology.

  • Wisconsin Teacher Of The Year Keeps Menominee Arts And Language Alive

    In and out of the classroom, Menominee Indian High School teacher Benjamin Grignon devotes his energy to passing along traditional arts and language. He was recently named one of Wisconsin’s teachers of the year. He joins us to talk about his work and what he has in mind for the future.

  • Report Says Facebook Sharing Data With Device Makers

    A new report from The New York Times finds that Facebook has data-sharing agreements with more than 60 device makers, like Apple and Samsung. We talk to a data privacy expert about what this means for the lasting questions about the company’s record on privacy.

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  • J. Carlisle Larsen Producer
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