What’s Next For The Patriot Act?, Violin Making, Saving For Retirement

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Saving for retirement can be hard, and it turns out only one in five of us are doing it correctly. A financial planning expert discusses why so many people have trouble planning their nest egg, and gives us advice on how to save better. We also learn about the art of violin making, and talk to a technology policy correspondent about what’s next for the Patriot Act, now that some of its most controversial provisions have expired.

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  • What's Next For The Patriot Act?

    On Sunday night, the Senate failed to extend certain controversial provisions of the Patriot Act before they expired June 1st. A technology policy correspondent explains what this means for U.S. intelligence and what’s next for the Patriot Act.

  • Wisconsin Life: A History Of Violins

    In today’s Wisconsin Life we talk to a Wisconsin luthier about the difficult craft of violin-making.

  • How And Why To Save For Retirement

    Late last year, a survey on retirement income literacy showed that only 20 percent of Americans know how to make their nest eggs last through all of retirement. We discuss the information you need to know about retirement and the best ways to save, just as college graduates are starting to enter the job market.

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