Week In Washington, What’s Next In The Health Insurance Landscape, Wisconsin Youth Risk Behavior Survey

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There have been many changes to health insurance in the last year, including where to find it, its requirement, and the agencies offering it. We take a look at the changes with a WisContext contributor. We also review this week’s national news stories and take a look at the results of a 2017 state youth risk behavior survey.

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  • This Week In Washington – April 11, 2018

    House Speaker Paul Ryan announced Wednesday that he won’t be seeking re-election. We talk with a Washington reporter about the reaction in the Capitol. We also check up on the testimony of Facebook’s CEO in front of Congress and look at money from around the country flowing into a Wisconsin Senate race.

  • What Is The State Of Health Insurance In Wisconsin?

    There have been a lot of changes to the policies governing health insurance over the last year. From the Trump Administration’s push to repeal certain provisions of the Affordable Care Act, to state-level changes made to try to stabilize federal insurance marketplaces – we sort through the developments and discuss what it all means for people trying to buy health insurance in Wisconsin.

  • Teen Drinking, Sex, Drug Use Declines In Wisconsin

    Every two years, thousands of Wisconsin high schoolers are surveyed about their lives: their drug and alcohol use, their emotional well-being, their sexual behaviors and physical health, among other things. It’s called the Wisconsin Youth Risk Behavior Survey, and this year, teens reported their lowest alcohol use since 1993, when the survey was first commissioned. But depression and suicidal thoughts among Wisconsin teens are on the rise. We look at the results.

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