Washington News, A Solution For Wisconsin’s Dairy Industry

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Protesters from Souls to the Polls and the Service Employees International Union stand outside of the Milwaukee recount
Before the recount in Milwaukee County began Friday morning, protesters from Souls to the Polls and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) said Donald Trump should be focused on the pandemic, instead of recounting votes. Corrine Hess/WPR

A Washington reporter joins us for a look at a few of the week’s top national political stories, including President Trump’s continued refusal to accept the results of the general election. And we discuss a way forward for Wisconsin’s struggling dairy industry, with the president of the state farmers union.

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    President-elect Joe Biden’s campaign is now moving forward with its transition to a Biden administration. We look at some of Biden’s latest leadership announcements, and a few other top national political stories, with a Washington reporter.

  • The Case For Supply Management Of Wisconsin Dairy

    Last year alone, Wisconsin lost ten percent of the state’s dairy farms, leaving just over 7200 left in America’s Dairyland. Years of low milk prices have given small dairies few options beyond selling their herds. We speak with the Wisconsin Farmers Union and the Wisconsin Farm Bureau presidents about why they think supply management could be the answer.

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