Syrian Refugee Crisis, Ask A Science Teacher, Our Love/Hate Relationship With Winter

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Rob Ferrett gets an update on the refugee crisis in Syria, welcomes your questions for “Mr. Science,” and explores our love-hate relationship with winter.

Featured in this Show

  • Stories From The Syrian Refugee Crisis

    A senior correspondent from the Washington Post shares stories from one of the world’s largest forced migrations since World War II.

  • Ask A Science Teacher

    If you’ve ever wondered how gravity works, why tennis balls are fuzzy, or where the “white” goes when the snow melts, stay with us. We’ll talk with Wisconsin’s own “Mr. Science” about mysteries big and small.

  • Wisconsin Life: A Love/Hate Relationship With Winter

    Do you love winter…or do you hate it? A transplant from upstate New York explains what he loves about winter, and then we take your calls on what you do to deal with the cold weather.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Galen Druke Producer
  • Amanda Magnus Producer
  • Kevin Sullivan Guest
  • Larry Scheckel Guest
  • Galen Druke Guest

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