Rhubarb Season, Voting Amid The COVID-19 Pandemic, Determining COVID-19 Death Rate

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A worker places COVID-19 test swabs on a machine
A worker places swabs on a machine as President Donald Trump tours Puritan Medical Products, a medical swab manufacturer, Friday, June 5, 2020, in Guilford, Maine. Patrick Semansky/AP Photo

Determining the death rate for COVID-19 is difficult. We find out why and the best estimates health officials have to date. Voters in Georgia, Wisconsin, and other state have faced issues as they have cast their ballots amid the novel coronavirus outbreak. We’ll discuss how this could impact the November general election. Plus, we talk about the different ways to use all the rhubarb that’s in season.

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  • Food Friday: Celebrating Rhubarb Season

    Once again, the time of year when people with rhubarb plants are more than happy to share some of their bounty with others has arrived. We talk with a Wisconsin recipe developer and blogger about her favorite rhubarb recipes and we hear yours.

  • What Voting Issues In Georgia And Wisconsin Can Tell Us About The November Election

    Voters in Georgia faced long lines, faulty voting machines, a shortage of poll workers, and more as they cast ballots this week in the state’s primary election. The issues facing voters in Georgia have also been experienced by voters in other states, like Wisconsin. We talk to a political scientist about what happening with voting as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

  • Why Figuring Out Wisconsin's COVID-19 Death Rate Is So Difficult

    Determining the COVID-19 death rate is harder than you might think. We talk about new reporting from WisContext that looks at why and what we know about the figures in Wisconsin to date.

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