Response To Immigration In Wisconsin Through The Years, Wisconsin Confirms Latest COVID-19 Case, Senior Downsizing

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A historian tells the story of how Wisconsinites have treated different waves of arriving immigrants. On Tuesday Wisconsin officials confirmed a third case of COVID-19. We talk with a public health expert about the news. And we talk about ways to help seniors cull their belongings.

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  • Wisconsin's Reaction To Immigrants Over The Years

    Immigrants coming to Wisconsin have faced similar types of backlash since the 1800s. We talk to a Wausau historian to look back at reactions to immigration over the years.

  • Wisconsin Confirms Latest Case Of COVID-19

    Wisconsin health officials have confirmed the third case of the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, in the state. We talk to a public health expert about why the disease continues to spread and how people can keep themselves safe.

  • Treasure Or Trash? How To Help Older Adults Downsize

    Many older adults find themselves wanting or needing to move to a smaller space, but the task of packing, sorting and letting go of all of their things can be tough. We get expert advice on how to make it a smooth transition and sort through a life’s worth of things.

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