Raising Fish Could Make Wisconsin Friday Fish Fries Cheaper, What Kind Of Happiness Is Worth The Most?, Gene Editing Babies

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UW-Green Bay researchers are raising yellow perch, a fish difficult to raise in outdoor settings, which could eventually reduce the cost of Friday fish fry for Wisconsinites. We also talk about whether we value in-the-moment happiness over happy memories, and we discuss what one doctor’s claim of success in gene editing a set of twins could mean for our future.

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  • UW-Green Bay Research Could Mean A Cheaper Fish Fry

    A UW-Green Bay researcher is teaming up with a local nonprofit to develop a hatchery for yellow perch, a notoriously difficult fish to raise in an outdoor setting. We find out what’s needed to make it happen and how it could reduce the cost of a Friday fish fry.

  • Which Kind Of Happiness Do You Value More?

    If you had to choose what was more important to you, would you rather experience happiness in the moment or would you prefer to be able to look back at a moment and feel happy about it? While there is some overlap, something like watching TV all day might make you feel good while doing it, but bring some regret later on. We hear about the results of a study that asked participants to consider what they preferred.

  • Concerns Raised Over Chinese Doctor's Claim Of Gene Editing Success In Babies

    Chinese scientist He Jiankui caused a stir last week when he claimed to have successfully used gene-editing technology in a set of twin girls in order to make them resistant to HIV. We speak with Alta Charo, Warren P. Knowles Professor of Law and Bioethics at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, about researcher’s claim and the backlash that followed the announcement.

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