One Employer’s Story Of Keeping Health Care Costs Manageable, Why It’s Hard For White People To Talk About Racism, Wisconsin Department Of Justice Unveils New Plan To Combat Elder Financial Abuse

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A new book from a sociologist who has been running diversity training and cultural competency workshops for American companies and educators for more than 20 years suggests that white people need to rethink the way they talk about racism. We hear from the author about why she believes white people are extra sensitive when their ideas about race are challenged. We also hear about the story of an employer who took the initiative to keep their employee’s health care costs manageable. And we’ll talk about a new state plan to combat elder financial abuse.

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  • Wisconsin Department Of Justice Unveils New Plan To Combat Elder Financial Abuse

    The state Department of Justice unveiled a new plan Wednesday to reduce the rate of elder financial abuse in Wisconsin. The plan ranges from empowering financial institutions to step in if they expect fraud, to making penalties more severe for people who are convicted of targeting older and vulnerable adults. We talk to John Hendrick, Director of the Elder Law Center and Elder Financial Empowerment Project for the Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups, about the plan.

  • What Role Can Employers Play In Keeping Down Health Care Costs?

    We discuss a case study where one employer in Montana did just that.

  • Why It's Hard For People To Talk About Racism

    Race and racism are thorny issues that are difficult for many people to discuss. And a new book argues that white people, in particular, have a very difficult time confronting racism. We talk to sociologist and author Robin DiAngelo about her new book, White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard For White People To Talk About Racism.

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