A ‘Normal’ Diet, Coronavirus And Air Quality, Supreme Court Hears Safe-At-Home Arguments

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Yale University researcher Benjamin Chan, who studies viruses that attack bacteria, holds a petri dish containing Pseudomonas aeruginosa lung samples grown from patient Ella Balasa, at Osborne Memorial Laboratories, in New Haven, Conn., Thursday Jan. 17, 2019. Pitting one germ against another may sound radical, but it’s a sign of a growing global crisis. Increasingly people are dying of infections that once were easy to treat, as common bacteria evolve to resist drugs that form the foundation of modern medicine. AP Photo/Richard Drew

We break down the complexity of “healthy” eating with a dietitian. Then we hear about a new project to measure air quality changes due to COVID-19 and decreased travel. Plus, we discuss the arguments for and against Wisconsin’s stay-at-home order as it goes before the Supreme Court.

Featured in this Show

  • What Does A 'Normal' Diet Look Like?

    There are a lot of ideas about which diet is right for you in our culture, in the media and online, but we talk with a dietitian who says it’s not about what we eat, it’s about how we eat and why. We learn why the concept of “healthy” eating can be a complicated one.

  • Tracking Coronavirus Impacts On Air Quality

    We talk to an atmospheric expert about a local effort to measure how changes in travel habits due to the coronavirus have impacted air quality in the Great Lakes area.

  • Recapping Safer-At-Home Arguments Before The State Supreme Court

    The state Supreme Court heard arguments today on a Republican lawsuit seeking to end Wisconsin’s stay-at-home order. We talk about what was said and how the case may play out.

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