More Heavy Rain Expected Over Wisconsin, Lessons From A 1960 Flood, Less Scrolling, More Doing? The Case For Multi-Sensory Teaching

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More flooding is possible in parts of Wisconsin, including the Madison area, which is still drying out from major flooding last week. We discuss that and other severe weather threats facing the state over the next couple of days. Then, we hear from researchers who have been trying to decide when a town located in a flood-prone area should endure the occasional damage or completely relocate. Plus, technology is a big part of many classrooms with things like learning apps and interactive online lessons, but not everyone seems to think this is a leap forward in learning. We talk to a guest who says that learning by engaging in physical movements and activities is the superior option.

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  • Wisconsin Bracing For Another Round Of Flooding

    After more than a foot of rain in some spots last week, forecasters say the Madison area could get another couple of inches by Wednesday. At the same time, other parts of Wisconsin may experience flash flooding, damaging winds and large hail. In addition, heat indices could reach 100 degrees. Our guest meteorologist discusses the severe weather threat for the state.

  • Lessons Learned From Wis. Community's Flooding Experiences

    Researchers are trying to equip local governments with the information needed to weigh the costs of staying in flood-prone areas versus relocating entire communities. We look at why one Ashland County village may help in that cause and potentially save countless buildings, structures and money.

  • An Argument For Multi-Sensory Learning, Fewer Screens

    Digital components are becoming more common in classrooms, but does that come with a cost? We talk with a professor who says we should get kids away from screens and engage all the senses in the learning experience.

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