Midwest origins of pro basketball, Wisconsin water standards, Wisconsin as a battleground state

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A historian shares the origins of professional basketball and its Wisconsin ties. Then, a Wisconsin expert on water law joins us to recap the state’s updated water standards for PFAs. Later, the authors of a new book help us explore how Wisconsin became such a fierce political battleground state.

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  • Uncovering the Midwest's pro basketball history

    The first professional basketball teams in the United States began in the Midwest and were backed by companies like General Electric and Firestone. Together, they founded the National Basketball League in 1937 and teams from Oshkosh and Sheboygan were included. We hear the story of basketball in the Midwest from a historian.

  • What the Natural Resources Board did with several 'forever chemicals' water standard proposals

    The policy-setting body for Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources voted last week on several proposed standards for allowable ‘forever chemicals’ in different types of Wisconsin water. We review the board’s decisions, and talk about what happens next for each area of concern.

  • How Wisconsin became a polarized battleground state

    A group of UW-Madison communications and political science professors wrote a new book looking at the forces that shaped Wisconsin into the battleground state it is today.

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