Looking At What Changes Could Stick With Education After The Pandemic, The Argument Against Political Dynasties

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An education researcher helps us think about how changes made to education systems could linger once the pandemic has largely receded. Then we discuss a policy scholar’s proposal for a Constitutional amendment that would prevent lawmakers from propping up family members for gaining political power.

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  • Reimagining The Future Of Post-COVID-19 Education

    The pandemic has forced parents, educators and students to sit with the current state of education, and look at what’s working and what’s not. We talk with an education researcher about what might be here to stay, like remote learning options and internet access for all, and what we might leave behind.

  • Should We Bar Presidents' Spouses And Children From Running For The White House?

    A president’s family can maintain influence in their party even after they leave the White House. Our guest suggests we pass a 28th Constitutional amendment that would prevent political dynasties by barring spouses and children of former presidents from running for office.

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