A Look At Wisconsin’s GOP Convention, Lessons From Zika, Pet Peeves And Word Misuse

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Health officials are getting proactive about fighting Zika by letting people know how to avoid it this summer, but our guest says we should learn from this current crisis. He explains how the country can be ready for the next health emergency. We also talk about how word misuse is “literally” the worst, and we talk to a political reporter who covered the Wisconsin GOP Convention Friday and Saturday in Green Bay.

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  • Leaders At Wisconsin GOP Convention Have Two Takes On Donald Trump

    Wisconsin Republicans gathered in Green Bay Friday and Saturday for the state GOP convention. One of the more divisive issues at the convention is the likely Republican candidate for president, Donald Trump. Some officials at the convention embraced the businessman, while others ignored him. We talk to a political reporter who covered the convention about the details.

  • Public Health Lessons From Zika: Are We Rushing From Crisis To Crisis?

    A doctor and health journalist says the American public health system needs to get ahead of outbreaks like Zika, and be prepared for the next potential disease–instead of rushing to deal with outbreaks after they have become a threat.

  • Misusing A Word? Literally The Worst

    Do you cringe when someone uses the word “literally” incorrectly, or when a person says “I could care less?” A columnist joins us to talk about word misuse and why it gets on peoples’ nerves.

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