Johnson Willing To Meet Garland, Spring Break And Zika, Cooking With Mushrooms

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Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson and other Senate Republicans say they are willing to meet with the new Supreme court nominee. A journalist joins us to explain why. Students around the country are getting ready to travel for spring break, but there are still concerns about the Zika virus in warmer areas. Our guest discusses how to stay safe while traveling. We also learn some new recipes featuring mushrooms.

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  • Johnson Willing To Meet With Garland

    Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson is one of a handful of Senate Republicans willing to meet with a new Supreme Court nominee. A Journalist jons us to discuss the latest on the politics behind the nomination and if a hearing is possible.

  • Tips for Travelers Going to Zika-Affected Areas

    With Spring Break coming up and a Zika outbreak in popular travel destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean, our guest tells us that there are certain precautions that travelers should take, especially if they are women who are pregnant or trying to pregnant.

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