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Roughly 9,000 young professionals leave Wisconsin every year, and the organizers of Young Professionals Week want to change that. Our guests tell us all about the event, and why the state is good for young workers. We also discuss the latest science headlines, and we find out how many people are covered by health insurance according to a new survey.

Featured in this Show

  • Survey: Nearly 90% Of Americans Are Insured

    Nearly 9 out of 10 Americans are now covered by health insurance, according to new numbers from the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index. We go behind the numbers and find out why more people are seeking health care coverage.

  • How Scientists Are Using Sound In Their Research, Dysevolution, How Google Earth Is Changing Archaeology

    Diabetes, nearsightedness and flat feet are only a few of the problems that have become prevalent due to “dysevolution.” Traits that would have evolved out of our species are now being passed from generation to generation. Our science expert Gemma Tarlach discusses dysevolution and other science headlines, including how scientists are using sound in their research and how Google Earth is changing archaeology.

  • Wisconsin Economic Development Groups Aim To Retain, Attract Millennials With Young Professionals Week

    Wisconsin’s Young Professionals Week runs from April 11-18 with the goal of attracting and retaining young talent for the state. Wisconsin loses about 9,000 young professionals a year according to the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. The week is sponsored by the WEDC along with other young professionals groups.

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  • Tom Oliver Guest
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