Gun Waiting Period Bill Debate, Behaving Better Online, Milwaukee Neighborhood Development Awards

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Each year, people and organizations that have made a positive impact in Milwaukee are recognized with neighborhood development awards. We talk to three award winners about their projects. We also get some tips on how to be better people online, and follow debate in the state senate on a bill that would eliminate the 48-hour waiting period for handgun purchases in Wisconsin.

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  • State Senate Takes Up Legislation That Would End 48-Hour Waiting Period For Handgun Purchases

    The state senate is debating a bill that would end the 48-hour waiting period for handgun purchases in Wisconsin. WPR’s state government reporter breaks down the legislation.

  • Here's How You Can Be A Better Person Online

    The Internet can be a brutal place, with users often behaving in ways that they’d never dream of in real life. We’re all guilty. And many times, that behavior can have real life consequences. But we can do better. That’s according to a tech writer, who lays out some tips for being better people online.

  • Milwaukee Celebrates Neighborhood Development And Innovation With MANDI Awards

    Central Time speaks with three winners of the annual Milwaukee Awards for Neighborhood Development and Innovation.

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