Green Bay Holds Phosphorus Summit, Internet Rage, Wisconsin’s Shrinking Middle Class

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A new report shows that the middle class has shrunk everywhere in the U.S. since the year 2000, and Wisconsin has seen the biggest decline of any state. An economic development specialist explains why, and discusses ways to reverse the trend. We also learn about “Internet rage,” and cover a recent “phosphorus summit” held in Green Bay to confront groundwater issues.

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  • Green Bay Area Holds 'Phosphorous Summit'

    Green Bay is likely to see its longest-lasting dead zone this summer, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, as manure runoff and algal blooms suck the oxygen out of the bay.

    Ground water in the area has also been widely polluted, with Kewaunee County poised to vote for restrictions on manure spreading after discovering last year that 30% of tested wells in the county were undrinkable.

    Wednesday Congressman Reid Ribble from Sherwood held a “Phosphorous Summit” at the Neville Public Museum with local farmers and government officials to start a conversation about addressing the problem.

  • Internet Rage: The Road Rage Of Our Time

    When your browser won’t load, the video you’re watching freezes or your computer crashes, you might feel what some are calling “Internet rage.” It’s the overwhelming sense of impatience you feel when things go wrong with the Internet. A lifestyle reporter from the Huffington Post explains why “Internet rage” is a real sensation and what we can do about it.

  • Wisconsin's Shrinking Middle Class

    According to a new report by the Pew Charitable Trust, Wisconsin’s middle class is shrinking. What are the contributing factors and can the trend be reversed? An economic development specialist weighs in.

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