First look at possible new legislative maps in Wisconsin, Playing in band during a pandemic, How deforestation is linked to pandemics

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We talk with an election law expert about the new legislative maps being proposed by a special panel convened by Gov. Tony Evers. Then we hear about how music educators are overcoming some unique challenges of teaching during the pandemic. And we learn how preventing the next pandemic could have a lot to do with stopping current deforestation.

Featured in this Show

  • The latest on redistricting in Wisconsin

    This week, the public has the chance to weigh in on the proposed legislative maps drawn by Gov. Tony Evers’ redistricting panel. We look at what the new districts may mean for control of the state Legislature and Wisconsin’s representation in Congress, as well as what’s next in the process.

  • The trial-and-error process of teaching band class in a pandemic

    The pandemic has complicated all kinds of tasks — including the task of teaching a band to play together, when they can only play alone. We talk with a Wisconsin band and orchestra teacher about the experience of attempting to teach band and beginning instrument learners virtually, and now back in-person, over the pandemic.

  • How Deforestation Leads To More Pandemics

    Deforestation is a major contributor to spillover — the transmission of pathogens from animals to humans that can result in a pandemic. Our guest’s research shows the root causes of pandemics, and how to address them to prevent more pandemics in the future.

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