Extra FoodShare benefits may expire, Origins of childlore

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Additional FoodShare benefits from the early days of the pandemic are set to expire next month. We talk with the head of Hunger Task Force in Milwaukee about the impact it could have on Wisconsinites. We also dig into the origins of childhood games, songs, and stories.

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  • Additional FoodShare benefits coming to an end in Wisconsin

    At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, people participating in FoodShare benefits were granted additional FoodShare benefits as part of an emergency federal program. Those additional benefits will come to an end in February for families and individuals in Wisconsin taking part in FoodShare benefits. An expert joins us to talk about what kind of impact that could have on the community.

  • How nursery rhymes, schoolyard games and other pieces of childlore become shared kid culture

    Do you remember clapping along to “Miss Mary Mack” when you were little, or folding up a piece of paper to make a fortune-teller? Those are just two pieces of what’s called childlore. We talk to an Atlantic writer who recently explored what childlore is, and how it turns into shared kid culture.

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