Emissions Cuts At Federal Government, Monopoly Turns 80, Wisconsin Business Roundtable

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Since he took office, Governor Walker has backed legislation aimed at helping businesses succeed in Wisconsin. A state business executive tells us how the governor’s policies have affected her business. We also talk about the success of the game Monopoly over the past 80 years, and look at President Obama’s call on the federal government to cut its carbon emissions.

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  • Obama Calls For Large Cuts To Federal Government Carbon Emissions

    President Obama is calling on the federal government to reduce its carbon emissions by 40 percent over the next decade, in an executive order signed Thursday. This is building on a previous order that planned to cut emissions by 28 percent by 2020.

  • 80 Years Later, 'Monopoly' Still Reigns In The World Of Board Games

    Monopoly celebrates its 80th birthday today, another big milestone for arguably the most popular board game of all time. A board game designer and Monopoly tournament judge talks about the game’s lasting influence, and what keeps us passing Go (or not passing Go, and not collecting $200) year after year.

  • Wisconsin Business Executives Weigh In On Governor Walker's Budget

    Governor Walker’s mantra since he took office has been, “Wisconsin is open for business.” As communities around the state weigh in on his third biennial budget in public hearings, we speak with business executives about how his policies affect them.

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