The Economy Of Right To Work In Wisconsin, Carillon Musician, Debate Over Governor’s Lack Of Degree, Federal Budget And Mississippi River

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As a looming presidential bid casts a larger spotlight on Governor Scott Walker, many people are debating whether his lack of a college degree really matters. Our guest argues that we should worry about work experience and ability rather than a diploma. We also talk to the musician who plays the bells in UW’s carillon tower, learn how the federal budget could affect workers on the Mississippi River, and follow an important news story.

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  • How Would Right To Work Legislation Affect Wisconsin's Economy?

    Republicans in the Wisconsin legislature have called an extraordinary session to try to pass right to work legislation. An economist looks at how similar laws have changed the economy in other states and discusses what kinds of impact this bill could have on Wisconsin’s economy.

  • Wisconsin Life: Keep Calm And Carillon

    If you’ve been on the UW-Madison campus there’s a good chance you’ve heard the sound of bells ringing from high atop Observatory Drive. We talk to the musician behind the massive melodic bells of the carillon.

  • The Argument Over Governor Walker's Lack Of A College Degree

    Our guest says when it comes to the debate over Governor Walker’s lack of a college degree we should consider competence, not credentials.

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