Economist Says Repeal Of Prevailing Wage Laws Would Hurt Vets, Improving Communication Between Doctors And Patients

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To give good care, doctors need to understand their patients’ concerns and experiences. We find out how to improve the communication between patients and healthcare professionals. We also talk to an economist who says a repeal of Wisconsin’s prevailing wage laws would disproportionately hurt veterans.

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  • Economist Says A Repeal Of Wisconsin's Prevailing Wage Laws Would Hurt Veterans

    In his budget plan released in early February, Governor Scott Walker proposed a repeal of Wisconsin’s prevailing wage laws. These laws mandate that construction workers on state projects get the same wages and benefits for similar work in or near the area in which the construction is happening. We talk to an economist who says prevailing these laws would disproportionately hurt veterans…with no cost savings to justify the repeal.

  • Overcoming The Communication Barrier Between Patients And Doctors

    The can be a big gap between the things patients tell their doctors…and the things that doctors hear. A physician talks about the communication gap at the doctor’s office–and how to overcome it.

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