Deconstructing Our Ideas Around Migration, Heat Wave, New ICE Rule Could Bar International Students From US Campuses If All Classes Move Online

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Migrant workers harvesting squash
Migrant workers harvest green zucchini squash from rows of plants at Kirby Farms in Mechanicsville, Virginia, in 2013. Lance Cheung/ USDA photo

A science writer talks with us about the ways humans and animals have migrated throughout history, due to changing climates and social scenarios. She argues for a fundamental change in the way we view migration. We also find out what’s behind several weeks of hot and humid weather. And we talk to a reporter about a new ICE rule that could bar international students from returning to –or, remaining in–the U.S. if their college moves courses online for the fall semester.

Featured in this Show

  • What's Causing Our Hot And Humid Summer

    Parts of Wisconsin are under a heat advisory today, and high temperatures are expected to continue for the next week. We talk with a meteorologist about what’s behind the heat wave and when it might break.

  • New ICE Rule Could Bar International Students From US Campuses If All Classes Move Online

    The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency announced on Monday that international students with certain visas could be barred from the country if their college or university moves to all virtual classes for the fall semester. We’ll talk with a reporter to learn more about the rule and how it could impact schools in the state.

  • The Instinct To Migrate

    A science writer looks at the effects of population migration — of people and animals — relative to climate change and political situations.

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