Debt imprisonment, Genocide charges against Israel, The job of advice writers

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Prison cells
Thomas Hawk (CC-BY-NC)

A criminal justice expert talks with us about how jail sentences for failing to pay court costs affect Wisconsinites. We also learn more about the definitions of genocide after Israel was charged with the crime in international court. Plus, an advice writer gives us a look at how she does her job.

Featured in this Episode

  • Why you can be jailed for 'failure to pay' in Wisconsin

    Wisconsinites can be jailed for failing to pay public fines and court debts. We talk with a public defense expert about how frequently it happens and how it affect the justice system.

  • As Israel rejects charges in U.N. court, what constitutes genocide?

    South Africa accused Israel of genocidal conduct in Gaza at the United Nations’ highest court last week. We talk with an expert from UW-Eau Claire about the definitions of genocide and look at South Africa’s case

  • How a longtime advice columnist finds the answers

    Veteran advice columnist Carolyn Hax talks about the most difficult questions she’s received, how she approaches helping people with tough moments in life, and where she goes when she needs advice.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
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  • Carolyn Hax Guest
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  • Colleen Leahy Producer
  • Tyler Ditter Technical Director