Cool Things In The Science World, Older Workers Still Finding Job Market Challenging, Latest In Russia News

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We’re seeing record-low unemployment rates in today’s economy, but many older adults still face challenges finding suitable employment. We talk about why the job market is still tough on older workers. We also take a look at some of the latest news in science and discuss a series of new developments in the Trump-Russia probe.

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  • Analysis Of Latest News On The Trump-Russia Investigation

    There’s been a lot of news on the Trump-Russia investigation over the last week. We break down all the details, including a story from The New York Times that said the FBI opened a counterintelligence investigation into President Trump in 2017.

  • Science News: How At-Home Genetic Tests Are Raising Questions About Law Enforcement, Bees And Stem Cells, And How Gut Bacteria Shines Light On Common GI Diseases

    A compound fed to queen bees in their larval stage could hold some promise in human stem cell research. We’ll learn what researchers are hoping to learn from royal jelly. Also, California police accessed databases from popular at-home genetic tests to make breaks in cold cases, raising some ethical concerns about access to our genetic material. We talk about those stories and more with Anna Groves of Discover Magazine.

  • Unemployment Is Down, But The Job Market Is Tough For Older Workers

    Many people in their 50’s and up want or need a job. But millions of them remain unemployed, even in the midst of an economic recovery. A Wall Street Journal reporter tells us why it’s a tough job market for older workers.

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  • Rachael Vasquez Producer
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