Is Cable News Bad For Us?, Make Your New Years Resolutions Big, Work Requirement Could Come For Some Medicaid Recipients

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A chain of gyms is banning cable news channels like CNN and Fox News from their large TVs after years of complaints from members about its impact on stress. We talk about the relationship between news consumption and stress with our guest. We also learn why you should think big with New Year’s resolutions and take a closer look at changes that could come to Medicaid.

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  • Is Cable News Bad For Our Health? One Gym Chain Thinks So

    A Minnesota-based gym company recently announced it would stop showing cable news on their gyms’ communal televisions, implying in a statement that cable news consumption is not part of a “healthy way of life.” Are they on to something here? A psychologist weighs in on the gym’s decision, and discusses what we know about the relationship between news consumption, stress, and mental health.

  • When It Comes To New Year's Resolutions, Expert Advocates Going Big

    If you’ve made it a goal in the New Year to save money, lose weight, or make any kind of lifestyle changes, you’ve probably heard the conventional wisdom telling you to make small changes. But Christopher Wharton, Associate Professor in the Arizona State University College of Health Solutions, argues that taking small steps doesn’t really accomplish anything. Moreover, he says people should actually aim to make big changes all at once. He joins us to tell us why.

  • Work Requirement Could Come For Some Medicaid Recipients

    The Trump Administration has signaled that it would support states seeking to make work a requirement for some Medicaid recipients. The move is a reversal from previous administrations. So far 10 states, including Wisconsin, have sought waivers to implement the new rules. We speak with Donna Friedsam, researcher and health policy programs director at the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute, about the news and what it could mean in Wisconsin.

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