Answering More COVID-19 Questions, Exhibition Of Notable Appleton Women, How Grocery Stores Are Responding To Increased Demand

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Jose Perez stocks meat wearing rubber gloves
Jose Perez stocks meat wearing rubber gloves at Northgate Gonzãlez Market on Tuesday, March 17, 2020, in Santa Ana, Calif. In light of the coronavirus concerns the Northgate market chain opened the store one hour early for seniors 65-years and older and disabled. Chris Carlson/AP Photo

We return to your questions about the COVID-19 respiratory disease with a doctor on hand to help answer them. Then we talk to the historian behind a new exhibition of prominent Appleton women. And a grocer’s association leader tells us how that industry is coping with the novel coronavirus outbreak.

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  • Ask A Doctor Your Questions About COVID-19

    COVID-19 continues to spread across Wisconsin, the U.S. and many parts of the world. Our guest doctor answers your questions about what the virus does, how it’s spread, who’s most at risk, how it’s treated and more.

  • Twenty Notable Women From Appleton Featured In Local Exhibit

    Twenty notable women from Appleton are being featured in a local exhibit at the Appleton Historical Society. We talk to the local history librarian behind it about some of their stories, and how you can research women from your own family history.

  • How Grocery Stores Are Handling Increased Demand As People Prepare To Be Home Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

    As more people head to grocery stores to stock up on food and other household essentials amid the novel coronavirus outbreak, many customers are being confronted with bare shelves. We talk with an industry expert about how grocery stores are handling the increased demand in Wisconsin.

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  • J. Carlisle Larsen Producer
  • Dr. Mark Thompson Guest
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