Ancient burials, Local journalism challenges

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A composite-fossil skeleton of Homo nadedi.
On July 24, 2017, a composite-fossil skeleton of Homo nadedi — an extinct species of hominid discovered in South Africa in 2013 — is featured on display at the Maropeng Museum, part of the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site near Johannesburg, South Africa. Jeff Miller/UW-Madison

We talk to a Wisconsin researcher uncovering ancient human burials. Then, we learn more about an effort to better support local news organizations.

Featured in this Show

  • Did early human ancestors bury their dead?

    Homo sapiens are believed to be the first and only species that buries their dead. But an international team of scientists, including UW-Madison researchers, say they have found evidence of graves made by ancient human ancestor Homo naledi dating back 100 thousand years before the first known burials. We talk to one of the scientists about his work.

  • Challenges facing local news and new efforts to support journalism

    A new coalition aims to revitalize the local journalism industry as it struggles with layoffs and closures. We talk to an organizer of Rebuild Local News about the importance of journalism, the challenges in the industry and the efforts to support it.

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