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The affordability of housing has a big impact on education, health care and jobs. We talk about the connections and where more affordable housing is needed in Wisconsin. We also check in on some of this month’s coolest science discoveries. Plus, we look at the Trump administration’s new asylum rule.

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  • Who 'Affordable Housing' Is For, And Where It's Needed In Wisconsin

    A conference on affordable housing being held this week in Eau Claire will focus on how housing costs impact education, employment, and health care. We talk about how the issues intersect and look into who affordable housing is really aimed at.

  • Science News: Robots Picking Vegetables, Virus Outbreaks, Preserving Microbiome Diversity

    It’s time to check in on the latest news from the world of science with Discover Magazine. We talk about whether machines can harvest vegetables more effectively than humans, how the body fights off viruses and why localized outbreaks happen, and why we are rapidly losing microbiome diversity.

  • Analyzing Trump's New Rule To Restrict Asylum At Southern Border

    A new Trump administration rule makes it harder for most Central American migrants to seek asylum in the United States. We look at how the new policy is designed to work and the likely legal challenge to follow.

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