$30 Million To Milwaukee, First Person Account Of Freedom Summer, Drug Prices

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After a company bought the rights to a cheap medication and raised the price by five thousand percent, people are taking a closer look at drug prices. Our guests explore pricing practices within the industry, and discuss the recent jump in medical costs. We also hear about first-hand accounts of Mississippi’s “Freedom Summer,” and we get the details of a $30 million grant announced today for Milwaukee housing.

Featured in this Show

  • Milwaukee Receives $30 Million Housing Grant

    The US Housing and Urban Development Authority (HUD) today announced a $30 million grant to revitalize Milwaukee’s Westlawn neighborhood. We talk with a reporter who attended the press conference.

  • Wisconsin Life: Freedom Summer

    In today’s Wisconsin Life we’ll talk to the editor of a collection of first-person accounts of 1964’s “Freedom Summer” in Mississippi.

  • What's The Deal With Prescription Drug Prices?

    A pharmaceutical company got an angry backlash after buying the rights to a lesser-known medication–and then increasing the price five thousand percent. Two experts on the history and present of prescription drugs explain what goes into the price of medications.

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