Madison-Based Health Tech Startup Receives Nearly $600K In Investment

EnsoData Is One Of Many Health Companies Based In Madison

Fleep Tuque (CC-BY-NC)

Madison-based health software company EnsoData received nearly $600,000 in investment recently. It’s a boost for an organization that’s part of the growing health tech startup community in south-central Wisconsin.

Company cofounders Chris Fernandez and Sam Rusk got interested in health technology while studying engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

“We’re really interested in machine learning, that’s our thing,” said Fernandez.

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Machine learning means programming a computer to learn how to diagnose problems on its own. Using machine learning, EnsoData created their product EnsoSleep, which helps doctors better collect data for patients with sleep disorders.

Fernandez said there’s no shortage of health tech startups in Madison.

“Especially for health tech, it’s a great nurturing community. With the university here, we benefit from great talent, there’s a strong entreprenuerial ecosystem, theres a lot of venture capital,” Fernandez said.

EnsoData recently received $550,000 in investment from Madison based Health X Ventures.