Walker Says U.S. Wants "Makers Not Takers"


Governor Scott Walker says if immigration reform was up to him, the U.S. would accept what he calls,”makers, but not takers.”

Walker’s on a statewide listening tour that Democrats say is really just part of the governor’s expected re-election campaign.At a Latino voucher school in Milwaukee, Walker was asked about immigration reform. He said it’s mainly a federal issue, but offered some advice.

“We want makers not takers in America, not just Wisconsin.”

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Walker defines makers as people who want to work hard and add value to their community and country.He says takers are, “Someone who wants to take from the American people, take things criminally or not.”

Walker later told reporters that he doesn’t want to push people out of the U.S..Christine Neumann-Ortiz of the immigrant rights group Voces de la Frontera says Walker’s use of the term “takers” is disparaging. Neumann-Ortiz says the current immigration system is doing the taking.

“It’s taking from immigrant workers who don’t have full rights,” she says.

Neumann-Ortiz says millions of recent immigrants have already been making things for their employers and for society.