Walker Advocates For Changing Common Core Standards

Academic Standards 'Should Be Driven By People In The State Of Wisconsin,' Says Walker

Governor Walker says that he hopes legislation to create a new standards commission will be passed soon. Photo: State of Wisconsin.

Gov. Scott Walker said he wants the state to try to develop its own academic standards for schools.

Wisconsin and most other states have already approved the program known as Common Core — standards for what children should learn in math and reading. But, some conservatives contend the standards are an example of the federal government trying to take over education, a charge federal officials deny.

Walker told the Wisconsin Association of School Boards on Friday that he wants state lawmakers to help him set up a commission that would develop Wisconsin-based model academic standards.

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“I’m for high standards,” said Walker. “In fact, I want higher standards in Wisconsin than we have across the country. But, I also want to make it clear: the standards we have in this state should be driven by people in the state of Wisconsin.”

Walker hopes that legislation creating a standards commission could be passed soon, though he said the new standards wouldn’t be ready until after this fall’s election.

Walker said the panel would be bipartisan and that Tony Evers, state superintendent of public instruction, would chair the commission.

Evers said he’s guardedly optimistic about Walker’s plan.

“We have school districts all across the state of Wisconsin implementing the Common Core. The school boards association two days ago ratified that stance. We’re moving,” he said.