Voter ID Protocol Ready If Needed


Two lower courts have blocked Wisconsin’s voter ID law. Speaking Tuesday in Milwaukee, Common Council member Milele Coggs said the court victories are not enough. She urged residents to make sure they are registered to vote, and help others who are not. “We know that those who fought to do the voter ID or ‘voter suppression bill’ and those playing the political games with it don’t want us to vote! So, the victory is in us voting. So we have to remember on this National Voter Registration Day, if you are not registered, get registered.”

Currently voters do not need to present a photo ID at the polls. The state Supreme Court could possibly rule otherwise before the presidential election. If so, Wisconsin election officials are prepared. Government Accountability Board director Kevin Kennedy says clerks have been trained and advertisements are ready if necessary. “Obviously you don’t just flip a switch, but we do have all the resources ready to go. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel on that. A lot of work was done during recall to prepare for photo ID.”

Election officials predict nearly 3 million voters will go to the polls November 6th.

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