State Dems Look To Resurrect Equal Pay Law


Some Democratic state lawmakers say they will try to bring back Wisconsin’s Equal Pay Enforcement law that Republicans repealed last year.

The law passed in 2009 aimed to give proven pay discrimination victims a chance to file damage lawsuits in state court, instead of more expensive federal courts.

Milwaukee Democratic Representative Christine Sinicki says most women work outside the home and need protections to achieve pay equity.

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“There are no more June Cleavers in this world. Most of us women, we are out there in the work force. We are doing the same work that our male counterparts do, and we are not being recognized and paid the way we should be paid.”

Sinicki says she and Democratic Senator Dave Hansen plan to reintroduce the enforcement law this week, and are asking GOP legislators to hold a hearing on the measure. Conservatives argue that federal law and other state laws already protect pay discrimination victims.