State Democratic Party Chairman Calls Out Walker For Not Taking Stance On Gay Marriage

Mike Tate Says Walker's Refusal To Disclose His Opinion Could Reflect Presidential Ambitions


The state Democratic Party chairman called out Gov. Scott Walker on Wednesday for his refusal to say where he now stands on the issue of same-sex marriage.

Walker has told the news media several times since the recent court rulings on Wisconsin’s ban on same-sex marriage that he voted for the ban in 2006. But Walker has also claimed that his views on gay marriage today aren’t important, and has declined to reveal his thoughts.

State Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate, while speaking at a forum in Milwaukee, said that Walker is in a political box.

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“If he’s changed his opinion on same-sex marriage, we welcome that and he should just come right out and say it,” said Tate. “He knows that’s where the majority of the state is. But he also knows because he’s catering to these conservative right-wing special interest, that he can’t say that – because you can’t say that and run for president.”

State Republican Party official Brian Schimming defended Walker, pointing out his actions since hundreds of same-sex couples took advantage of a week-long window to get married in Wisconsin.

“The governor’s been consistent about where his position is,” said Schimming. “And by the way … it was the governor who was the one who told the state (Department of Health and Family Services) to start processing those marriage applications.”

Last Friday, U.S. District Judge Barbara Crabb put a temporarily halt to same-sex marriages while the state appeals her original ruling allowing the ceremonies.