Some Business Owners Support Obama


The Obama campaign has announced the endorsement of more than 60 small business owners in the state, as the campaign tries to blunt Republican criticism that the President is anti-business.

The Obama campaign says the president has cut taxes for small businesses 18 times, boosted access to credit and tried to level the playing field between small and large firms. Republicans point to video footage from July where the president suggests small business owners did not build their firms on their own.

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Obama supporter Kyle Weatherly of Milwaukee is president of Solaris, a medical garment maker. Weatherly says he and his mother had lot of help building their company. “Solaris has 55 employees. All helped.”

Wis. Romney campaign spokesperson Ben Sparks says, in general, small business owners are not fond of the president, and that “This president has demonized small business.”

Sparks says the president put passing the Affordable Health Care Act above helping businesses create jobs. Some Democratic business owners argue the health care law will help more workers feel confident to leave a job and go on to start a new business.