Obama Encourages Voters To Turn Out For Burke In Milwaukee

Obama Touts Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate For Her Support For Raising The Minimum Wage

Obama speaking in North Division High School on Tuesday. Photo: WisPolitics (CC-BY-SA).

President Barack Obama drew more than 3,000 people to a Milwaukee high school on Tuesday night in a push to help Democratic candidate for governor Mary Burke.

Obama spelled out some distinctions between Burke and incumbent Republican Gov. Scott Walker while calling on people to vote. While Obama partly joked about increasing voter turnout for next Tuesday’s election, he reminded the crowd at North Division High School that they could vote early through this Friday.

“You can vote all week — I mean, you can only vote once,” he said. “This isn’t Chicago now.”

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The president also joked about getting other people to the polls.

“Grab your co-workers. Grab your lazy cousin who’s sitting at home and never votes during mid-term elections. He’s watching reruns of old Packers games,” said Obama.

Obama also gave a serious speech about why he wants Burke supporters to cast ballots. The president said that job growth under Scott Walker has trailed most other states, and he touted Burke’s business-sector experience.

Obama also noted Burke’s support for raising the minimum wage, while criticizing some recent comments from Walker: “Mary Burke doesn’t believe that the minimum wage serves no purpose, as one Republican said.”

Obama also put the spotlight on some other moves by Republicans to eliminate an equal pay law and add restrictions on abortion.

The president was briefly interrupted by a protestor calling on Washington, D.C. to pass an immigration reform bill. Otherwise, according to audience member Derrick Brewer, the speech went smoothly. Brewer said that Obama sparked black voters to come out to the polls next Tuesday.

“He can always mobilize the community, because he’s a community organizer,” said Brewer.

Burke is continuing to campaign on Wednesday. Scott Walker is as well, and will have U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan join his bus tour for stops in south-central and western Wisconsin.

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