Mitt and Paul Play Waukesha


Paul Ryan was in Iowa Monday, while Mitt Romney was campaigning in Florida. On Sunday, the presumptive Republican presidential ticket was together drawing a large and mostly friendly crowd to a rally in Waukesha.

It was Congressman Ryan’s first appearance in Wisconsin since being announced Saturday as Mitt Romney’s running mate. Ryan suggests that Wisconsin republicans are fired up enough to help Romney win this fall. Ryan says look at Governor Walker’s recall victory in June. “We saved Wisconsin that day, and on November the 6th, we Wisconson-ites will help save America that day.”

Romney praised Ryan throughout his speech, but Romney had unkind words for President Obama and for a heckler who interrupted Romney, “This group here is respectful of other people rights to be heard and you ought to find yourself different place to be disruptive.”

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Before the event, the Romney and Ryan visit drew about a dozen protestors to a nearby roadside. Brookfield teacher Leanne Wied-Brusky says republicans are too focused on helping the wealthy. “The income disparity in our country is getting really huge. There is actually a metric out there, a statistic. We are on track with some Third World countries.”

Earlier in the day, at a democratic rally in Milwaukee, Congresswoman Gwen Moore criticized Ryan for the various budget graphs and charts he’s come up with over the years in his quest to curtail government programs.

She said, “Those numbers don’t add up, people. That dog don’t hunt.”

Moore says Paul Ryan is a nice guy, but she and other democrats say they plan to spend the time before November election telling voters that Ryan and Romney’s policies are misguided.