Milwaukee County Executive’s Powers Would Expand Under Budget Plan

County Supervisors Call For Provision To Be Removed

Wisconsin National Guard (CC-BY-NC-ND)

Milwaukee County supervisors say the budget includes an expansion of the county executive’s powers that allows for the possibility of “tyranny.”

The budget plan would specifically increase the executive’s authority over land sales and county contracts. At a recent press conference, County Supervisor Supreme Moore Omokunde called on legislators to remove the proposal.

“This is complete tyranny, actually, and it’s treasonous,” said Omokunde. “So in Milwaukee County, we need to make sure that we have checks and balances here.”

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The leader of a group that supports Milwaukee County parks also criticizes the budget item and says public input is “vital at every level of government.”

County Executive Chris Abele told a Milwaukee newspaper that he will ask legislators to approve the proposal, but did not explain why.