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Gov Says Pro-Choice Campaign Rep Will Keep Her Job

Says He Is 'Open To People Based On Competence'


Gov. Scott Walker says he’s standing by his election campaign spokeswoman, Alleigh Marré, even though Walker is anti-abortion and Marré supports abortion rights.

Two Wisconsin anti-abortion groups are calling on the governor to relieve Alleigh Marré of her duties as Walker’s campaign press secretary. Marre has posted blogs in favor of Planned Parenthood, birth control and a woman’s right to choose. Walker told reporters Thursday that his workplace is a big tent.

“I’m open to people based on their competence,” Walker said.

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“It’s very clear, though — I don’t think anyone’s surprised — that I’m a pro-life person, I’m a pro-life governor, I’ve always had a pro-life record. Everything I’ve done as governor has been pro-life. So there shouldn’t be any surprise as to what my position is. By the same token, I have a variety of people who work for me at the county and the state level and politics, out of politics,” he went on.

Gov. Walker says Marré will remain in her job.

“For us, if somebody does their job … she’s not a policy maker on those particular issues. She’s acting as a communications person,” Walker said, and then addressed the press corps directly: “You all have opinions, I assume, on abortion, and taxes and death penalties and that. That doesn’t affect your ability to cover someone who’s got a position that may differ with yours in the media: hers would be the same with me.”

Wisconsin Right to Life and Pro-life Wisconsin did not respond to our requests for comment, following Walker’s remarks. Sometimes, when campaign spokespeople are making bigger news than their candidate, the spokespeople are kept behind the scenes for at least a while, or eventually given a different role in the campaign, or they later leave to pursue other opportunities.

Abortion rights groups have endorsed Democratic candidate for governor Mary Burke.