Democrats Urge GOP Lawmakers To Eliminate Changes To SeniorCare In Budget

Republicans Have Not Ruled Out Raising Premiums, Cutting Off Admission To Popular Program

Shawn Johnson/WPR

Democratic lawmakers say the state budget should make no changes to eligibility or premiums for Wisconsin’s popular SeniorCare prescription drug program.

Majority Republicans said last week that they would scrap Gov. Scott Walker’s plan to force SeniorCare participants to sign up for the federal Medicare Part D prescription drug program. But Republicans did not rule out changes to SeniorCare, including higher premiums or closing the program to new participants.

At a state Capitol news conference, Rep. Andy Jorgenson, D-Milton, joined other Democratic lawmakers in calling for a more forceful commitment from Republicans. Jorgenson spoke next to stacks of petitions from citizens urging the Legislature to save SeniorCare.

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“That doesn’t mean increasing premiums,” he said. “Saving SeniorCare doesn’t mean cutting off new enrollment. Saving SeniorCare means leaving SeniorCare alone.”

Roughly 85,000 Wisconsin residents use SeniorCare.