Brett Hulsey Says He’d Restore Funds To Bike And Pedestrian Safety Programs

State Representative And Democratic Candidate For Governor Says Fixing Potholes Is Also Priority


State Rep. Brett Hulsey, D-Madison, a Democratic candidate for governor, bicycled to campaign appearances in Milwaukee on Tuesday, saying he’d restore funding for bicycle and pedestrian safety programs.

Hulsey says he drove his car from Madison to Milwaukee, encountering potholes on Interstate 94. Once in Milwaukee, he took his Trek bicycle off the back of his car and rode it to events in the city.

Hulsey says Gov. Scott Walker cut millions of dollars from bike and pedestrian safety programs, and that he wants to continue the push he started as a state representative to restore funding.

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“I offered an amendment to restore $10 million, but I’ll go beyond that,” said Hulsey. “Basically, each one of these bike and walking safety programs puts people to work &mdash many of them are construction jobs &mdash in addition to making our communities and streets safer.”

Hulsey also says the state needs a “fix it first” agenda, filling potholes on existing roadways before building new ones.

Before Hulsey can chart a course for defeating Walker, he has to first win a primary against fellow Democratic candidate and former Trek Bicycle Corporation executive Mary Burke, in what many think is an uphill climb. Hulsey said Burke has helped move some Trek jobs overseas,

“As a former union vice president, I fought outsourcing,” said Hulsey. “Burke promotes outsourcing. And I was fighting as a legislator to get that money back. Burke has been nowhere to be seen.”

Burke has previously argued she’s boosted Trek sales and increased some types of work in Wisconsin.

Editor’s Note: Burke’s campaign did not respond to a request for comment. Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign also did not reply to questions.